Integrated Insurance Solutions

Interserv views technology as an integrated component of insurance distribution solutions. Simplifying solutions for customers while driving concurrent efficiencies has been the vision and mission of Interserv since its inception.

Who is Interserv?

Industry-changing opportunities to improve service, reduce costs, and generate incremental revenue often come in the form of innovative technology. Industries like health insurance present challenges too complex for off-the-shelf solutions, and as a result, require both development and industry expertise. The Albrecht Companies began developing purpose-build, highly customizable technology to support the sales, retention, and servicing of Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan (BCBSM) and Blue Care Network (BCN) business more than 20 years ago. As needs and opportunities to leverage technology grew, Interserv evolved from the information technology and development team into a comprehensive development company of its own in 2004.

Our unique pedigree—a technology company immersed in the insurance industry—is foundational to our ability to deliver user-friendly solutions that fit seamlessly into a variety of complex existing processes. Initially tasked with building software to manage the intricate requirements that come with servicing small groups and individual members, the scalability of our self-service and process enhancement tools continues to drive significant growth. Today, our footprint has expanded from providing platforms designed to optimize business processes, track workflow, and report on operational needs for managing agents, to engineering and continuously improving collaborative solutions that serve a robust distribution channel, including Michigan’s largest health insurers, managing agents, and independent agents throughout Michigan and around the country.

By partnering with the Blues to serve independent agents, we’ve built a strong portfolio of solutions that leverage complex data to drive administrative simplicity, while fostering exceptional service at all levels.

Moreover, Interserv’s distinct perspective has enabled the rapid development of customer-facing utilities that have opened new sales and marketing opportunities throughout the agent channel. Relying on an innate knowledge of the market, and taking an entrepreneurial approach to development, we have pioneered private exchange and retiree Medicare Advantage enrollment platforms that simplify complex enrollment processes and provide an exceptional customer experience within markets that are, otherwise, under-served by tech providers.

Our Partners


For more than 20 years, Interserv has worked exclusively with the Blues to optimize internal workflows and control operating costs across various lines of business without sacrificing the flexibility needed to meet the needs of a diverse agent distribution channel. By tailoring adaptable solutions capable of operating within existing processes and interfacing with existing data sources, we’ve helped the Blues to realize short-term efficiency gains while still enjoying the ability to iterate and change processes long-term—without devaluing legacy technology or requiring additional capital investment.

We pride ourselves on being nimble, customer-centric evangelists of the value of Blue. At the end of the day, our commitment to integrated development and continuous improvement means shorter lead times and lower project costs, as well as tools agents and members are quick to adopt.

Managing Agents

Interserv powers the technology infrastructure Action Benefits relies upon to support the varied needs of independent agents. From back-end architecture that enables representatives to track case status and measure overall process performance, to decision support tools and private exchange platforms that complement agent sales activity and enrich member experience, we’re committed to ensuring a distribution model that processes a high volume at a low cost. Interserv works closely with managing agent leadership teams and end users to make certain the ever-changing needs of the agent and member communities are addressed with pliable software tools that are updated based on real-time feedback. By leveraging an Agile methodology, we continue to allow market conditions and customer needs to shape requirements, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Development Philosophy

At Interserv, we’re spearheading what we like to call integrated development. We don’t build customer requirements in a board room or user group. We’re embedded, on the front lines, with our users. When there’s an issue, we don’t hear about it—we see it. When it’s time to QA new code, we don’t stop at test environments—we go to where the work is done and evaluate how our solutions operate in a real-world environment. This integrated approach to development means we don’t manage change in a vacuum. Instead, we consider the impact of platform improvements holistically—an approach made possible because of our entrenched position in the value chain. As a result, our customers and partners welcome new technology that adapts to their needs, not the other way around. We convert complex technology landscapes into intuitive solutions that empower agents to sell and retain Blue business.

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